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I think most brides and grooms feel they have to hit a bunch of different locations to make their day great. There’s this overarching feeling that the day’s not a success (photographically) unless we’re in a ton of different geographical points.  Not true.  Not true at all.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandWe spent all day at The Westin downtown and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandHonestly, Daven has one of the most genuine smiles I’ve ever seen.  Sometimes, I’m charged with loosening people up, making them laugh and creating comfort.  It’s better for photos.  I didn’t have to do that with him around.  Made my job easier, bro.  ‘Preciate you.

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland^^Favorite of the day, by far.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerBest Wedding Photographer ClevelandStill courtesy of the Westin.  Between the lobby and room decor, I will never run out of ideas around here.

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland^^Favorite wedding dress of the year.  Shout out to Matina’s Bridal!

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandI love this portrait of Naeemah.  The sun is backlighting her, but also bouncing off of the mirror she’s looking into.  It provided this soft quality of light that I can’t always produce.  This candid is was captured pre-make-up, if you can even believe it 😀

Best Wedding Photographer ClevelandDeeming this “The Naeemah Smile”.  Half “I’ll go ahead and humor you”, half “Are you really taking my picture right now?”  Love her.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandYou need to cut it……

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandThis dude.  Seriously.  The man’s style is impeccable.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandGorgeous.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandWestin wedding clevelandTheir wedding at the Westin was so wonderful – thankful for all the leadership and coordination from Alexis at Shayla Hawkins Events!

Westin Cleveland WeddingThe ladies are beautiful, and accented by Neil Leeson’s incredible floral and event design.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandI can’t even handle this dress, I mean it.  Not everyone can pull this dress off, but Naeemah possesses the chic to rock it in style.  Love this image.

Westin Cleveland WeddingUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandMade to be models.

Westin Cleveland WeddingMade to celebrate.

Westin Cleveland Wedding ReceptionMade for smoke machines.

Wedding Reception Cleveland WestinDat smile, doe, x 2.

Cleveland Reception VenuesCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandNot only is that smile beaming, but note how her hubby is cooling her via pocket-fan.  Yaaassssssss

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandCleveland Reception VenuesThese are sorority sisters.  They did a pretty-much choreographed dance full of inside jokes, or so it seemed.  Lots of hip-moving, lots of arm-rotation, lots of stuff I can’t do.

Wedding Reception Cleveland WestinCleveland Wedding PhotographersBest Wedding Photographer ClevelandHaha!  This perfectly encapsulates the evening.  Not only could this cat dance, but the attitude exuded can’t even be matched.

Thanks, Naeemah and Daven, for welcoming me into the fold.  I loved capturing the day for you.  I learned so many dance moves, I can’t even….

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