Think of the sweetest, most romantic “how we met” story… and then throw it away. Be quick about it too!! because these two take the cake.

Doctors in love Cleveland
So… Becky and Nimitt met in the operating room. Seriously, they met in the OPERATING ROOM. Who does that? Oh right, these two!

Operating Room Romance
The first thing he noticed were her eyes. How romantic is that?? (Please ignore the open body between them, thank you.)

Doctors in love Cleveland
Can you blame him though? Her eyes are beautiful! Nimitt, your eyes are gorgeous too!

Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland
Not only are these two professional life savers, but they are adorable, cute and fun. So. Damn. Fun! And soooo completely in love and in sync with each other. I bet you wouldn’t believe it if I told you they were actually camera shy?? hahaha that was short lived!! They are stunning!

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionArtistic Engagement Session ClevelandFun Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session
Becky, you’re beautiful!

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session
Let’s just take a moment and be awesome.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session
Okay… moments over… back to fun!

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandEngagement Session Photographer Cleveland

Doctors in love Cleveland
I told them to pretend they were working… this is what they did.

Operating Room Romance
Hahaha just kidding. They really are professionals… [ although Nimitt did put on 90s rap ]

Artistic Engagement Session Cleveland
Love these two I cannot wait for their wedding! Ring Power!


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  • Dana Hines says:

    My name is Dana and I am Rebecca’s best friend and Maid of Honor. I love her because she is honest, funny, generous, and kind. I am so happy she found such a wonderful man to spend her life with. I wanted to say how beautifully their love and personalities have been captured in these photos and what is especially fantastic is how they are partners in incision… literally! The photos are flawless.

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