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This is Tori.  She is freaking fabulous.  Freaking. Fabulous.

Fun Senior Pictures Cleveland
Fun fact; I photographed her Senior Imaging Session two years ago. That’s nearly an eternity in photographer world time. Her session stuck in my mind though.

Artistic Senior Pictures Cleveland Ohio
Photographing graduating seniors in the Westlake / Cleveland area is enjoyable for me, mostly because I’m a teenager at heart. Truly – I connect WAY better with 18 year olds than I do most 38 year olds these days.

Senior Picture Photographer Westlake
Listen, if that sounds creepy, ignore it. What I mean is that I just freaking enjoy the hope and excitement that a graduating senior carries, that most folks my age don’t.

Unique Senior Pictures Westlake
GAHHH – Tori’s truly awesome.  Love that smile.  She carries confidence and poise.

Senior Picture Photographer WestlakeArtistic Senior Pictures Cleveland Ohio
So – back to why Tori’s session stuck in my mind.

Modern Senior PicturesSenior Picture Photographer Westlake
Yes, Tori’s Senior Imagery is wonderful, and I’m really proud of it.  It wasn’t just the playful creativity that made her photography stay in mind, but it was how much fun Tori has been since her session a few years back.

Senior Picture Photographer Westlake
Tori built a friendship with us – not just me – but a few folks on the team at Making the Moment.  She regularly makes snarky comments on our Making the Moment instagram or Making the Moment on Facebook, and is always one of our favorites guests to stop at our office in Westlake.

Senior Portrait Photographer Cleveland OhioSenior Portrait Photographer Cleveland OhioArtistic Senior Pictures Cleveland Ohio

Unique Senior Pictures Westlake
Oh. And she has RAD hair.  I had SO much fun creating these little artsy vignettes.

Artistic Senior Pictures Cleveland OhioTori brought some sheet music to her favorite music for our session.  I felt the below was aptly titled for the theme of our session.  Forever Young.  Tori, live this life well, and stay forever young at heart.

Sheet Music in Grass Forever Young

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