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Enter Shawna and Andrew. Young, hip, gorgeous, refined.  Both myself and Brett spent some time with them on this quite epic Engagement Session a little while ago.  

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandThey’re the type that were just “real” right out of the gate.  No coaxing.  No uncomfy, weird period where we’re trying to get used to each other.  So natural in the midst of a camera.  Loved it.  Absolutely amazing.

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandShawna obtained special permission to photograph @ her employer, which happens to be a huge production mill downtown.  Exclusive, to say the least, with beautiful light and quite a stunning view.  Needless to say, Brett and I both took full advantage the best we knew how.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandWe really did have a blast.  I know it’s easy to read over that and think “You write that every time, Marcus”  In this instance, I can honestly say we were just laughing and making fun of me most of the time.  We walked over coals, landfills, and almost fell down hills.  A session isn’t complete without peril.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionWow.  Stunning.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionArtistic Engagement Session ClevelandEnter Mill : Stage left.
Enter Couple : Stage Right.

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandFun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandYou may not believe me, but this is a real moment.  He said something cheeky and she responded.  I was pretending to fiddle with my settings.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionOne of my favorites from this Session.  Model, much Shawna?

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandThis image reminds me of the Rat Pack.  I love that.

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionSo willing, even to embrace my strange ideas.  I really dig this.

Fun Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandArtistic Engagement Session ClevelandI would be failing you all if we didn’t wrap up with a gorgeous dress blowing in the wind.

“…..and they lived happily ever after”


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