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I have three words for you that sum up this blog [in case you’re too lazy to read my script]

Best. Smilers. Evaarrrrrrr.

Bride and Groom in Cleveland Ohio Wedding Some can see a windy day as a challenge.  I [and, I think, all of us] see it as an opportunity.  Especially when veils are a’flailin’  😀
I’m so good. 

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerClassic.  Aaaannnnddd I’ll never get sick of it.

Candid Wedding Photographers Cleveland Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandShoot into the sun.  Always.  Use it, don’t be afraid of it.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandMight be afraid of your groomsmen, though, Anthony.  Just bein’ real.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandHe’s a wrestler.  So, after being tackled by his most favorite gentlemen, an impromptu match squared off.  I didn’t post all of the photos here, but you should ask them for some.  Anthony won.  Wasn’t even close.

Bride and Groom in Cleveland Ohio WeddingThis alley found on the spot.  Didn’t plan it.  That’s typically when I make the best work anyways.  Not condoning, necessarily.  Just moreso stating a fact.  Let us breathe and we’ll innately do cool work.

Wedding Photography in ClevelandThe wedding ceremony and reception took place in our beautiful, old, revered Hyatt Regency Cleveland Arcade.  You just can’t beat this place in classic, architectural beauty.  You know this is if you’re reading this.  Well, ok, maybe not.  But you know it now because I’m telling you and my opinion matters because I’m typing this and you’re not.  **tongue out**

Wedding Photography in Cleveland Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandI told you. 2 billion dollar smile.  All day.  Don’t let it fool you though, she was modelesque when requested as well.  Beautiful girl.

Candid Wedding Photographers Cleveland Wedding Photographers ClevelandPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandAll too perfect.  Again, there are two ways to approach this.

  1. The Bellman is in the way
  2. The Bellman just made my image a billion times better

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioYou know what I’m gonna say.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandAs the veil’s being adjusted, I saw Sarah through the mirror. This was moments before their First Look.  She’s nervous.  Who wouldn’t be, right?!

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandI feel as if the three piece suit is an enigma.  Sharp, somehow classic and yet can be quite contemporary, but always a two person job.  Always.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandReal laugh.  You couldn’t fake that if you tried.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerBitchin’ gift!  Wood-accented watch to end all wood-accented watches.  I was/am/will be eternally jelly.  Not even just the grape kind…like, the strawberry perseveres kind that’s harder to spread b/c there’s chunks of strawberry errywher.  Yeah….that kinda jelly.

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioI’m a dude, right?  However, these types of moments still aren’t lost on me.  She’s looking elegant and timely, checking herself out in the mirror, but look at her girls.  Everyone is freaking beaming.  I love it.

Bride and Groom in Cleveland Ohio WeddingIf you’re worried about a First Look, just study this image.  If you still think you want to tell me why it’s not awesome, real, heart-felt, genuine, and all-around perfect, e-mail me.  Better yet, email Brett.  K thx.

Unique Wedding Photographer Cleveland Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandThey snuck in from afar.  Smh.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandI know.  You’ve seen these steps.  They’re iconic.  However, I’m always trying to find a bit of a different way to capture them.  Compressed, with a  looooong lens from way the hell far away worked for these two.  Really worked.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandWhelp.  Just… that.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerI’m done.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandTop three favorite images of the year on the right.  So perfect.  Everything about it.  I love it.  I want to print it, then cuddle it in the evenings when lightning and thunder are present and accounted for.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandWedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioPlenty of proud fathers this year.  I was also elated to be able to capture the processionals with a long lens as well.  The compressed look in the Arcade is just beautiful.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographerBest Wedding Photographers Cleveland Best wedding reception venues Downtown ClevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland OhioThe place cleans up nice, I’d say.

Hyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandCleveland Ohio wedding reception venuesBest wedding reception venues Downtown ClevelandArcade wedding reception cleveland OhioHyatt Arcade Wedding Reception ClevelandThanks, Sarah and Anthony.  I had an absolute ball.  You were easy-going, light, fun, smiley, and generally awesome people.  These photos reflect that.  When you really start looking, it’s very hard to fool the camera 😀

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