Have you met Becky and Nimitt before? No? Before you continue please do us all a favor and meet them here if you’d like. #Notraumadrama

So.. what do you think? Aren’t they amazing? They met in the freakin operating room! Of course they are amazing. Blood, sharp objects, bunny suits, not your typical love environment and it works perfectly for Becky and Nimitt because they guys are anything but typical.  Check it.

Marriott Cleveland Wedding Reception Clearly, I love them. And I am so excited because they are coming in tonight for their image premier, so yeah, this is totally going to be a gift and they’re totally going to have just seen their images for the first time and they’re hopefully going to be eating ice-cream because I hope I have enough time to go get us ice-cream. 😀

Marriott Cleveland Wedding Reception Their wedding day was cold and windy and beautiful. It was literally two weddings in one! For real, they had an Indian/Western fusion wedding, two ceremonies, two outfits and a lot of me hanging out with them all day.  Bonus, it was at Marriott at Key Center.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThere are so many hidden gems in Cleveland, like this red delivery door/gate. Aren’t they badass?  (cheeeaaayeahhhh)

Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

Indian Wedding Marriott Key Center ClevelandBecky is one of those people that everyone wants to be their best friend. She’s the kind of friend that tells you if you have food in your teeth or if that top looks silly on you — she’s got your back! She is so darn Real and I love her for it!

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandAnd check this out, Nimitt is real too.  Did you hear that Carrie Fisher just passed? (R.I.P Princess Leah…in the gold bikini…) I know, super sad, you’re probably thinking where the heck am I going with this? Well… her mom, Debbie Reynolds, passed away the next day. Fisher’s bro said his mom’s last words were “I am going to be with Carrie” OH MY GOODNESS. right? She died of a broken heart. Wow, right?. That kind of love is rare and it’s totally the kind of love that Becky and Nimitt have.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandTheir Mandap was beautiful!!!

Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Key Center ClevelandThis is Ganesh. He is the Lord of Good Fortune, Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds.

Indian Wedding Barat ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandWhen Nimitt and Becky first came in we talked a bit about his Barat — he was bummed that he couldn’t rent an elephant.. mainly price. 10 grand!!! Insane.

Indian Wedding Barat Clevelandem>By the look on Nimitt’s face… this guy sufficed.

Indian Wedding Marriott Key Center Cleveland

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Wedding Marriott Key Center ClevelandBarat’s are so fun to document, most of the time I am bopping along with these guys. The camera gives me confidence because I can’t dance (though I can do ONE break dancing move)

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandShe got you! (I think his shoes were spared though)

Indian Wedding Ceremony Venue ClevelandIndian Wedding Marriott Key Center ClevelandWedding Photographers in ClevelandTotal Rockstars.

Best wedding photographers in ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI mean total Dorks! 

Wedding Photographers in ClevelandRemember how I said it was cold and windy?? I wasn’t lying, it was so cold!!!

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBeauties!! 

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandWedding Photographers in ClevelandI love her gown!!

Best wedding photographers in ClevelandMarriott Cleveland Wedding ReceptionSuck it weather!!  Beauty and brains 😀 

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersIndian Wedding Marriott Key Center Cleveland

Indian Wedding Ceremony Venue ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographersBest wedding photographers in ClevelandWhat I love about Fusion Weddings is two creative sessions! I didn’t keep the bridal party out too long, it was still really cold. Also, they were all convinced I was going to get hit.. it was sweet, but unnecessary (I’m stealthy as whaaattt)

Best wedding photographers in ClevelandThat’s my coat!!!

Best wedding photographers in ClevelandI love Becky’s henna juxtaposed with her gown, so beautiful.

Wedding Photographers in ClevelandWedding Photographers in ClevelandI seriously lucked out with this killer light!! I love this image!!!

Wedding Photographers in ClevelandWedding Photographers in ClevelandShe didn’t even flinch!!

Indian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandWedding Reception at Marriott Key Cleveland

Wedding Reception at Marriott Key ClevelandMarriott Cleveland Wedding ReceptionTwo of the groomsmen, Neil (not pictured) and Princess (pictured above) sang Backstreet Boy’s I want it that way to Becky and Nimitt and it was amazing.

Marriott Cleveland Wedding ReceptionThe girls danced!!

Wedding Reception at Marriott Key ClevelandWedding Reception at Marriott Key ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Marriott Key Center ClevelandIndian Wedding Reception Marriott Key Center ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographersRING POWER. When we first met I had just gotten engaged as was SOOO GIDDY (totally unlike me, right?) Becky was too, we were just relishing in our newly engagedness and connected a lot about how weird it felt wearing a ring every stinking day and we came up with Ring Power. It’s like a totally awesome hand shake thing… you wouldn’t understand.

We have a sign in our office that says “Come as clients, leave as friends” and it couldn’t be more true. I love these guys!!! Can’t wait to see what life has in store for you two <3 (and to go to Harry Potter World!!! Represent!)


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