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If you track with us, you probably know we hail from the Land , and have a small obsession with traveling for our creative work. Our most recent adventure took five of our team from Cleveland to Utah. All for the effort to visually capture and tell the story of Natasha + Prashant [ Link to their Blog and artwork here ].

landscape photography UtahThis was a special trip for me personally, as I’ve always had a soft spot for American Southwest.  There’s something about the rugged landscape that’s always drawn my heart.

Before I get too far, above is a short film we made after day 2 of our trip out there.

Clouds over Mountains near Park City UtahI love the reality of the wild.  I’m a backpacker in my spare time, and being out in the terrain with our couple and our team inspired me beyond just the creativity at hand.

DJI Drone Phantom 3 ProThis is Kevin KevBot.  Most of our staff is of the full time / salary variety, but Kevin is a close friend of mine who I enlisted to travel with the rest of the Making the Moment team to help out.  He’s had his hands in our wedding films in the past; he’s a skilled camera operator and works professionally in the national film community.  It was an honor to have his help as we created throughout the week.

destination wedding photographersThis is Sara, one of our photographic leads on the team.  I caught this quick image of her as we journeyed across the barren [ and wet ] salt flats to capture imagery and film of our couple.

destination wedding photographersAmber drove our rental van on this part of our excursion.  If you aren’t familiar with her, Amber is also one of our full time staff, a gifted photojournalist and naturally talented film-maker.   Her joyful smile her says so much about who she is; she’s friendly outgoing and hilarious to be around.

behind the scenes wedding videoWe conducted personal interviews of the wedding film we’re crafting for Natasha + Prashant.  Instead of doing them in a dimly lit room, we conducted them right out on the water of the Salt Flats themselves.

SONY FS7 With Canon 200LPerhaps my favorite lens we own is our 200mm Canon F2.  It’s a gem.  Tack sharp even wide open, and ridiculous when paired with our Sony FS7.

destination indian wedding videographersWe didn’t just film and photograph during the daytime hours, that night we explored the vast deserts surrounding the salt flats.  Thank goodness for our Westcott Ice Light, I’m pretty confident we would have tripped ourselves into a den of sleeping rattlesnakes without it 🙂

Salt Flats Utahsalt flats wedding videographyI’m excited for you to see the wedding film we’re currently in production on.  Filming the interview portion and segments of our creative time out on the expanse of water was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

destination indian wedding videographers

salt flats walk on waterThe Salt Flats in Utah give the appearance that you’re walking on water.  In reality, you’re standing on about an inch of water hovering flatly over an expense of semi-crushed salt.

destination indian wedding videographersYours truly.  Autographed copies available.

salt flats walk on waterKevin striking a gangster pose for us 🙂

landscape photography Utahlandscape photography Utahdestination indian wedding videographersWe took a moment to capture this; these were the four members of the full time staff team who made the trip.  I loved every minute with this team!

salt flats night photography starsWe also made some friends out one night, a group of internationals traveling through america from Europe.  I think one of the things I most enjoy about travel are the friendships and connections you can make as your journey.

Sunset over Salt Lake City UtahIt’s not Utah that I loved, so much as the chance to be one step closer to the wild.  The chance to merge the passion I have for nature and the outdoors with our professional work as destination wedding photographers and videographers?  Something I’ll never take lightly; I’m forever thankful for what opportunities my professional life makes happen.

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