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Nope.  This isn’t Cleveland.  Although we hail from the land [ local slang for the CLE ] we get to travel a fair amount for our creative endeavors.  Natasha and Prashant asked us to bring our creative vision out to the great Salt Lake.  We gladly obliged.

Fun Indian Wedding PhotographerYes. Yes you can walk on water.  At least you can seem to at the Bonneville Salt flats.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersIt was an incredible trip for the 5 Making the Moment staffers who traveled.   Keep an eye out for the “behind the scenes” blog I’ll be posting tomorrow on what the trip was like for our team.  [ update – click to read the Behind the Scenes Blog ]  Enjoy some of my favorites of the artwork we traveled out there to make happen.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandCheck out this artsy portrait of Prashant.  As a bearded man myself, I found myself envious [ and somewhat intimidated?  ] by Prashant’s rough and manly beard.

Fun Indian Wedding PhotographerIndian Wedding Salt Lake City UtahThis is why we came.  These two fell in love.  Not only with each other, but with the landscape of mountains and nature that surround the Salt Lake City area.  They invited us [ and more importantly their friends and fam ] to experience this great part of the country.

Indian Mehndi ArtistI loved Natasha’s Mehndi.  Maybe my favorite henna art I’ve seen.  It’s awesome to see artwork adorn another human being.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersThe above is one of my favorite portraits of the two of them.

Maharani Weddings PhotographerOur trip didn’t just take us to Salt Lake City itself, for this Indian Destination wedding we journeyed across the barren and rough landscape of Utah.  For one experimental photo-shoot we went out to the desert itself; I photographed this in the dark from the sky with our drone.

Indian Destination WeddingFun Indian Wedding PhotographerI look for joy when I capture imagery.  I LOATHE falsehood [ not just in life, but in imagery ].  When someone isn’t genuinely themselves, it shows through so much in the image.  You can see Natasha’s authentic love for Prashant here.  The man knows how to make her laugh.

Indian Wedding InspirationHe knows how to hold her tight too 🙂

Indian Destination WeddingAnd how to walk into oncoming traffic with her.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographersHe knows how to be close.

Indian Wedding Salt Lake City UtahAnd this man knows how to smile and laugh.

Indian Wedding Salt Lake City UtahThese two;  The five of us built such a sweet friendship with them over the course of our week trip out to Utah, that I couldn’t wait to share the finished imagery here.

Salt Flats Wedding PhotographerI’ll jump in from time to time and share the “why” behind the artwork  you’re seeing, but for the most part, I’ll let the imagery do the talking.

Salt Flats Wedding PhotographerI wouldn’t say we “talked” Natasha and Prashant into an extra day of creativity at the Salt Flats.  I think we simply said “hey, we have an idea.  Want to go to one of the places on earth that exist like this, and spend an entire day creating together? “

Indian Wedding Salt Lake City UtahIf memory serves me right, Natasha said “YES OMG YES” like 50 times before I even finished proposing the idea.

Indian Destination WeddingLegit; the Salt flats are amazing.  They are literally what the name implies, a barren flat landscape of salt.  If your timing is right, about an inch of water combs the landscape, and because of the hard packed salt floor, the water stays incredibly clear [ and freaking cold ].  It doesn’t “mud up” like water would if it was a dirt floor, and so provides an incredibly unique place to film and photograph.

Salt Flats Wedding PhotographerAbove was Natasha and Prashant’s “Interview” location.  We’re crafting their wedding film as well [ stay tuned – it’s currently in production ] and chose to conduct their interviews out on the water itself.  Pretty snazzy.

Indian Wedding Inspirationindian bride inspirationNatasha is a professional artist.  Seirously – she is WICKED gifted.  Her abstract and thought provoking pieces grace have earned her a reputation outside of Chicago [ where her studio is ], she is known worldwide.  Check out her work Natasha Kohli Artist

Indian Mehndi ArtistThis is one of the reasons we connected so well with them.  We’re not just “Indian wedding photographers who photograph destination weddings”; we at Making the Moment are true artists.

Indian Mehndi Cleveland[ Quick aside, did you catch my amazing SEO skills up there? Did you?  You’re welcome Google.  Just for you. ]

Indian Wedding Inspiration***AHEM*** And Bing.  For you as well Bing.  SOoooo many people use you.  so many.  

indian bride inspirationFun Indian Wedding PhotographerGAHH. I love her joy 🙂  Natasha’s smile and laughter were contagious.

Indian Wedding Dress InspirationSmiley Wedding ShoesHere’s another thing I love about Natasha; she is 100% herself.  She’s a positive-minded, friend focused, other-centered human being.  Even her choice in her wedding shoes showed that.  She wanted to make others smile on her wedding day.

Have a Nice Day Wedding ShoesIndian Wedding Mendi ArtIndian Wedding Haldi GroomI love Indian wedding ceremonies; the Pithi is one of my favorite.  After being an Indian wedding photographer for some time now, I’ve noticed that the family sees the ceremony as an opportunity  for religious and ceremonially adornment, as well as playful and joyous shenanigans 🙂

Indian Wedding Haldi BrideIndian Wedding Bride

Indian Wedding JewelryIndian wedding jewelry?  Amazing.  My western couples need to step it up. 🙂

Indian Wedding Head DressQuick note; all the images you see here are real.  “Duh Brett, I know that, I’m looking at them”.  What I mean is that the “candids” you see here are actual photjournalistic wedding photography.

Indian Mehndi Art HandsI didn’t ask Natasha to nervously hold her hands prior to the ceremony.  She was doing that.

Indian Bride Candid Wedding PhotographyFrom the above thought; I didn’t ask her to peer in the mirror.  Natasha was admiring herself.  She should to; she carries beauty SO well.

Indian Bride Candid Wedding PhotographyIndian Wedding Priest Waldorf Astoria Park City UtahI love this priests joyous smile.  This is directly before the Indian wedding ceremony began at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City Utah.

Indian Wedding Mandap Waldorf AstoriaNatasha designed her Mandap herself.  Pretty cool right?  I told you she was an artist.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Rice ThrowI always loved how much rice is ceremonially thrown during Indian weddings.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Waldorf AstoriaIndian Wedding Ceremony Waldorf AstoriaIndian Wedding Ceremony Rice HeadRice on rice on rice on rice.

Wedding Ceremony IndianOn rice on rice.  On rice.

Natural History Museum UtahTheir wedding reception was at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  It was an incredibly unique venue, as it is built directly off the side of a mountain.

Listen; we have some AMAZING wedding venues in Cleveland, but NONE of them [ that I know of? ] are built on the sides of mountains.

Natural History Museum Utah Wedding ReceptionNatural History Museum UtahNatural History Museum Utah SunsetGotta love that sunset.  Mountains FTW.  [ For the win.  FTW means FOR THE WIN.  Not F___ the world ]

Natural History Museum Utah Wedding ReceptionWedding reception decor FTW

Wedding Reception at Natural History Museum UtahFTW

Cocktail Hour at Natural History Museum UtahNatasha and Prashant had a casual and laid back evening.  Friends and family spent the evening casually connecting and enjoying the scenery.  It was such a beautiful and fun night.

Natural History Museum Utah Wedding EventIndian Groom Attire InspirationIndian Wedding Dress InspirationBest Indian Wedding PhotographersI always loved the American southwest.  It was a JOY to be out their with our team and create.  This specific Image I remember capturing while listening for rattlesnakes.  Because; well… there were rattlesnakes out there.

Indian Wedding RingThankful. I’m SO FREAKING thankful we got to do this for a living. It will never be lost on me that I get to travel to take pictures and make films about people.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer AmericaNatasha. Prashant. Thank you for being you. Thank you for trusting us with your art and your story. Much love friends.

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