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It’s like they had it all.  The regal, column-hewn, glamorous sight-lines of Cleveland City Hall fused with a child-like, raucous, unforgettable party that destroys all parties that are used to destroying parties.

It’s like they had it all….

City Hall Wedding Reception ClevelandLesson in reception dance-floor etiquette.  Do one of the following:

  1. Point in a particular direction
  2. Appropriately rock-out utilizing \m/ to its fullest
  3. Take grainy, motion-sickness-inducing cell phone footage
  4. Raise your Jack-and-Coke (they needs refreshing, btw)
  5. Smile
  6. Laugh
  7. Tongue-out or go home

Rotunda Wedding ClevelandCleveland City Hall Rotunda reception You just can’t beat this venue.  Honestly.  Gorgeous.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandReal smile.  I know you read my blogs.  I’m huge on this.  Real vs. fake smiles.  One of the bridesmaids said something cheeky.  I think I was making fun of her.  I make fun of so many people that I don’t remember.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandSo, two Italian families, right?  Right.  Where do we go for our creative session?

Little Italy

Not only is it East Side, which is my jam, but it’s full of brick, and character, and pasta, and Italians, and…..

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandTheir wedding party was phenomenal.  Amazing people.  Fun, light, full of life, full of sarcasm, full of banter, full of…..  😉

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandSo, scene reset.  The weather called for rain all day long.  Well, you’ve already seen that we made it out to Little Italy and the weather guy was wrong.  Moral of this story is the weather guy is always wrong.  Nicci and Nick weren’t concerned, however.  They trusted me and we had a back-up plan anyways in the case of torrential rain all day.  Planning. Yay.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandBride.  “Mother of the Bride”  I know the suspense was killing you.

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioCleveland Wedding PhotographerUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandThis reminds me of a sit-com set, only b/c they’re all too perfect, smiling and laughing and doing each other’s hair and stuff, but this is a real, candid moment.  No pretending here.  Just hanging out in a tiny little room with too much beauty.

Wedding Photographers ClevelandPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandNervous AF.  With good reason!

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandRelaxed AF.  It is finished.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandBad-Assery personified.

Unique Wedding Photographer ClevelandKiller laugh.  I can practically hear her laughing.

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioOmg, yasssss.

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda receptionI’m a sucker for romance. This plays like some kinda chick flick and I love it.

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda WeddingBecause we were at City Hall, I was naturally elated to work with A Taste of Excellence once again 🙂  If you don’t remember, I just shot Taylor and Chris’ wedding, who happen to work there.  Actually, they happen to do a wonderful job there all around.  Love that place and love what they do catering-wise at this venue.

Rotunda Wedding ClevelandThat’s not a cake, now this is a cake.

City Hall Wedding Reception ClevelandBest wedding reception venues ClevelandCleveland Ohio wedding reception venuesPhotojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandNaturally, “you need to cut ittttttt”

Rotunda Wedding ClevelandCleveland City Hall Rotunda receptionThis is like a freaking WWII photo.  Dat dip doe.  I should have done a black and white version and put a sailor’s cap on Nick.

Rotunda Wedding ClevelandProud mom face, represent.

City Hall Wedding Reception ClevelandRotunda Wedding ClevelandOne of my favorites, here.  I wish I remembered what song caused this reaction.  I can’t mainly b/c my memory is that of a field mouse.

Best wedding reception venues ClevelandThese girls were cut-throat.  That’s all I’ll say.  Also, the lucky bridesmaid who caught the bouquet has a better vertical than me.  No lie.

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda receptionWhen in doubt, make limbo, not war.

City Hall Wedding Reception ClevelandThat’s a fancy drink dodge, right there.  I’m proud of you!  Avoided finger-point man with ease whilst not breaking gulp.

Now, as for Nicci & Nick.  Thank you.  Easily in the Top Two for giggliest couple of the year.  I think you essentially tied Sarah + Anthony, which is no simple feat.  You guys were care-free, loving, trusting, and a hell of a time.  I appreciate you.

We appreciate you. 


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