If there’s one thing that we’re not, it’s status quo.

That relates to everything that we choose to do, whether it be a Family Session, a wedding, or an intense game of Parcheesi.  Just do it all the way or don’t do it at all.

Best Family PhotographerEnter Brett’s esteemed family.  Often imitated [ I think ] , never duplicated [ I know ].

Family photographer Avonlove this image, but it harkens mixed feelings.  Why?  Because every kid picks flowers.  Every little girl goes on flower hunts, but I rarely ever see a moment like this captured by a Professional.  Little moments like this aren’t focused on.  It seems, we’re too busy blowing out our hair for the faker-mc-fake-fake smile picture later.

Avon Ohio Family photosAvon Ohio Family PhotographerThree little ones, three people, three personalities.  Pearl, Daisy, Ryker.  Three expressions.

Creative Family Photographer OhioThose rims doe.  I’m pretty sure Brett ran over this bike after the Family Session.  RIP, Rally with an un-needed “E” at the end. RIP.

Family photographer near Avon OhioWhy is Ryker always so chill tho?  Also, I split the chain through Brett’s face in existential expression of both Father figure and Boss figure.

No, I didn’t do that.  It just happened.

Family photographer AvonAvon Ohio Family photosHonestly, Daisy’s joy is unrivaled and unmatched.  I don’ think I’ve met a happier kid in all of my days.  She won’t lose that.  It’s part of her.

Modern Family photos avon ohioMach 10 unlocked.

Avon Ohio Family Photographer…wonder where she gets it…

Creative Family Photographer OhioPearl.  Too fast for Canon Autofocus.  Please improve, Canon….for the good of tu-tu clade children globe-wide.

Family photographer near Avon OhioBest Family PhotographerIf you aren’t almost pulling your child’s arms out of their sockets, you’re dadding it wrong.

Family photographer AvonAvon Ohio Family photosModern Family photos avon ohioModern Family photos avon ohioLove this photograph of Ryker. Most family photographers won’t ever capture this sort of thing.

Avon Ohio Family PhotographerShe’s like a model.  Also, I want a pig like that, like, badly.

Family photographer near Avon OhioFamily photographer AvonDon’t worry, Ryker can breathe here.  No children were harmed in the execution of said Family Session.

Creative Family Photographer OhioAgain, this is real.  This is another moment that happens to literally every dad, and it’s glorious.  I’m glad I was able to capture it. Far too often, moments like this aren’t captured.  They’re seen as less important.  They’re left by the wayside in lieu of the posed family photograph.  Why not grab this and the more expected family portraiture?

Creative Family Photographer OhioModern Family photos avon ohioShe may have been body-slammed but, again, there was no harm incurred….that I know of….

Avon Ohio Family photosAvon Ohio Family PhotographerCreative Family Photographer OhioWins the best perspective award.  Loving the errant legs asunder.

Family photographer near Avon OhioFamily photographer Avon


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