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If you spend 15 minutes with Brittany and Kyle, you’ll understand their dynamic pull towards each other.  Brittany is a spunky, spur-of-the-moment ex-bostonian [ I think that’s a word? ]. Kyle is carefully curated character; an aerospace engineer who is well thought out in every moment.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyThat dichotomy allows them to thrive; the two push one another and challenge the other in ways that every couple should dream to.  In knowing them individually, you’d see how they encourage their other corporately.

Wedding Photography in ClevelandThe image above about sums them up perfect.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandBrittany spent the morning preparing for the wedding at Red Space at their home on the west side of Cleveland.  The two purchased their first home together last fall [ complete with a cat named Megatron ].

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandArtistic wedding photographers ClevelandKyle was awaiting in downtown Cleveland for the wedding that day.

Wedding Photographers ClevelandGetting Married?  I highly encourage you to consider a first-look [ it’s all the rage in Cleveland these days ]. Your wedding photographer will be happy to oblige; it always give you a bit more give in your wedding schedule, thereby netting you a few more creative wedding pictures.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersThat. That moment right there. That’s why I love being a wedding photographer.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography in ClevelandYes; I love Brittany’s bridesmaids. They were each wonderful individuals. You know what I love just as much?

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandBrittany had the courage to ensure each of their individual personalities shown through in their bridesmaids gowns.  Each is unique and perfect for each of them.

Artistic wedding photographers ClevelandWedding Photography in ClevelandCandid Wedding Photographers Cleveland

Wedding Photographers in Cleveland OhioReal. These two bring out the real in the other.

Cleveland Red Space ReceptionFun. That’s the best word I can use to describe their wedding and wedding reception at Red Space. Let me explain;

Red Space Wedding CeremonyFirst off; Brittany’s father proudly showing off his daughter as he walked her down the aisle.  So many fathers are so narrowly focused on not having the ugly-cry-face happen; but her dad was more focused on celebrating his daughter.

Red Space Cleveland Wedding CeremonyFun is Kyle’s reaction to seeing this moment.

Red Space Wedding CeremonyRed Space Cleveland Wedding CeremonyAlso fun?  Who’s the wedding officiant at their wedding?  It’s our very own Founder and Creative Director; Brett Yacovella. He is a personal friend of the couples and was asked to marry the two. He became ordained and licensed just to serve them for their wedding.

Red Space Wedding CeremonyThe two tied a sailor’s knot to commemorate their nuptials.

Red Space Cleveland Wedding ReceptionAnd then the wedding reception at Red Space in Cleveland commenced.

Red Space Wedding ReceptionCleveland Red Space ReceptionInstant party.

Red Space Cleveland Wedding ReceptionCrazy hair dancing fun.

Red Space Wedding ReceptionCrazy clapping with friends.

Cleveland Red Space ReceptionCrazy selfies all night.

Red Space Cleveland Wedding ReceptionI love that two out of three people in this wedding reception picture are looking off to the right side of the camera at something occurring.  WHat’s happening over there? Must be awkward. Or Painful.  Or painfully awkward.  Aunt Jane grinding on the DJ?  Who knows. Brittany doesn’t care. She’s in her zone.

Red Space Wedding ReceptionLove you two. You are meant for each-other; clearly.  You bring out the very best in the other.  I’m happy I was asked to tell your story.  Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer!

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