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Let’s talk Engagement Sessions. They’re one of my [ many ] favorite aspects of my job as a wedding photographer. There’s time to breathe, relax and most importantly; get to know the beautiful couple in front of my lens.

Sandusky Engagement Session PhotographerWhich brings us to these two; Jacqueline and Gavin, a bundle of energy and joy to be reckoned with.

PSA:  Gavin, I would like to publicly apologize. We bonded over our bad backs, and I still asked Jacqueline to jump on you. Hopefully, the amazing images we made is a worthy consolation.

Artistic Engagement Session OhioFun Wedding Photographers Ohio*wipes tears of joy away* Just kidding, it was a lipstick mark from her kiss seconds before.

Ohio Wedding Engagement SessionAt Making the Moment, our approach is to create the space to be yourselves. Especially if that “self” is a born-to-be, fully destined and yet never discovered male fashion model.

Engagement Session Photographer OhioExhibit A: Fun. Lots. Of. Fun.

Ohio Wedding Engagement SessionExhibit B: Natural positioning [ nothing forced; just real ] We’re big believers in laughter and personality during our engagement sessions and wedding photography.   No awkward posing, no weirdness. [ ok, just a touch of weirdness ].

Sandusky Wedding Engagement SessionExhibit C: Look both ways before you cross the street.  I like to have a loose structure for my sessions, leaving room for spontaneity and flexibility.

Engagement Session Photographer OhioOhio Wedding Engagement SessionWhy does this feel like a sitcom promo image? Whatever.  Jacqueline looks fabulous with the wind in her hair, and Gavin is looking his coolest as always.

Sandusky Wedding Engagement SessionBy the way, I’ve been to Sandusky very little in my life. These two showed me around to all their favorite spots, and it is absolutely adorable. Plus, they’re cute. So that helped.

Fun Wedding Photographers OhioCheers to you both, so excited to see you on your big day!

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