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Allie. Anthony. These two; when I first met with them on FaceTime [ they’re planning their wedding from out of town ] I knew these two were going to have fun. What I wasn’t prepared for [ yet pleasantly surprised by ] was how emotional and sweet their family and friends would be throughout the day.

Mapleside farms weddingAllie is a lovely bride. I swear she looks like Natalie Portman. Am I right? Legit. Not Star Wars episode one Nat, more like “No Strings Attached” or “Thor” Nat.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersThis man? He freaking loves his natalie porman Allie.

Mapleside farms Lodge WeddingI love the simple elegance of this wedding picture at Mapleside. We were on the veranda outside of the lodge prior to their wedding ceremony.

Mapleside Farms wedding receptionThis wedding photograph is proof that taking ten minutes out from your wedding reception is totally worth it. We snuck away from the reception at Mapleside Farms to get a quick evening photography session in. In under ten minutes we made some beautiful artwork happen.

Best Wedding Photographers Clevelandwedding rings at mapleside farms brunswick ohioMapleside farms Lodge Wedding CeremonyA wedding reception at the lodge at Mapleside? Yes. Yes please.

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandAllie’s friends; they LOVE her. All day they were so happy and tearful, celebrating alongside her.

Mapleside farms Lodge Reception ClevelandMapleside farms Lodge Wedding ReceptionSeriously; mapleside is such a blend of rustic and modern charm.

Mapleside Farms wedding receptionwedding reception at mapleside farms brunswick ohioYou’ll get a feel for their wedding reception in the wedding photography throughout this blog, but the credit is due to Selective Sound wedding DJ’s.  They killed it.  They kept the party going all freaking night.

Mapleside farms Lodge Reception ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographyMy degree is in photojournalism [ shout out to Kent state ] ; one of my favorite tools in my wedding photography is to tell stories through candids. Most wedding photographers ignore the power of the candid image.

candid wedding photographer clevelandAs much as I love instructing and leading couples and their families into thoughtful and creative pictures, I’ll never get over how powerful a well photographed moment can be.

candid wedding photographer clevelandbridal makeup cleveland ohioBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis picture; right after Allie finished her make-up I LOVE seeing the reactions of her bridesmaids [ and Allies! ]

Wedding Photography in ClevelandAllie loves it.

candid wedding photographer cleveland… and Allie loves this lady too; this is Allie’s mother. It’ evident that they are super close [ not only due to this picture, but thanks to the incredible gesture Allie made later at the wedding reception ]

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyThe men?  Cigars.  No make-up, no dressing; just smoking cigars.

candid wedding photographer clevelandThis is Anthony’s father.  I love this quick portrait of him.

candid wedding photographer clevelandmodern Wedding Photographers Clevelandcigar groomsmen wedding cleveland ohioIs this wedding photography?  Or a cigar ad?

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandI love the juxtaposition; the men are smoking cigars and watching soccer.  Meanwhile; Allie and her mother are holding back tears as she puts on her wedding gown.

Artistic wedding photographers clevelandBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandThis; images like this are why I am a wedding photographer.  Poignant.

Artistic wedding photographers clevelandMapleside farms Lodge Wedding CeremonyOn the steps of mapleside farms, Anthony prepares to see his bride for the first time.

Mapleside farms weddingwedding at mapleside farms brunswick ohioHe was SO excited.  That’s all I remember.  He was so happy to see her.  Can you blame him?

wedding photography at mapleside farms ohiocandid wedding photographer clevelandAnthony’s gift to Allie; an aptly titled book.  Kudo’s Anthony.

Mapleside farms weddingHe also gave her a second gift; largely revolving around their forthcoming fur-baby [ puppy ].

wedding photography at mapleside farms ohioCleveland Wedding PhotographySeeing your dad for the first time on your wedding day?  Priceless moment here.  Make sure you have this in your wedding schedule!

wedding at mapleside farms brunswick ohioMapleside farms Lodge Wedding Ceremonylodge wedding at mapleside farms brunswick ohioWow.  Seriously; a wedding at the lodge at Mapleside Farms carries such elegance.  I photographed this right before the guests began to show up.

Mapleside farms wedding ceremonyMapleside farms Lodge WeddingMapleside farms wedding ceremony
I LOVE seeing how a groom responds to his bride walking down the aisle.

wedding at mapleside farms brunswick ohioMapleside farms Lodge weddingMapleside farms wedding… and married!

Mapleside farms Lodge Wedding Ceremonywedding photographer mapleside farmsBest Wedding Photographers ClevelandMapleside farms wedding photographyMapleside farms Lodge Reception ClevelandMapleside farms wedding receptionwedding pictures mapleside farmsMapleside farms wedding reception picturesOk; one of the best moments of their wedding reception at Mapleside Farms; after having their formal “father daughter” and “mother / son” dances, Allie invited her mother to a special dance with her.

Mapleside farms wedding reception… and then the drinking began.

wedding reception mapleside farms… and then the reception pastries showed up [ and quickly devoured ]

fun wedding reception mapleside farmswedding reception barn wedding clevelandMapleside farms Lodge Reception ClevelandIt was an awesome pandemonioum on the dance floor. All night this place rocked.

mapleside farms wedding picturesmapleside farms receptionwedding mapleside farms receptionAllie tore up the dance floor all evening.  I LOVE when our brides actually dance at their wedding receptions; it brings SO much more energy and fun to the evening!

mapleside farms wedding picturesMapleside farms Lodge Receptionwedding reception mapleside farmsMapleside farms wedding receptionMapleside farms Lodge Wedding reception

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