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So sometimes we travel. 

I mean, I love an excellent plane ticket deal to Iceland as much as the next guy, but I’m referring to this particular Indian shindig that went down in Indianapolis.  We were there for all of it. Let’s discuss.

Indian Wedding PhotographerBro-fists fo lyfe.  Luckily they did this on the right side of town.

Artistic Indian Wedding PhotographerBest Indian Wedding PhotographerThere’s some something sneaky going on here.  Bedazzled stealth.

Experienced Indian Wedding PhotographerOh, hey!  Didn’t see you there!  

engagement ring inspirationSunit + Paulomi’s wedding ring picture makes sense when you know that their wedding reception was at the Indianapolis Public Library.  As a wedding photographer, I think hard about how to tie in even the subtle things into my work.

Mehndi Artist Indian WeddingYet another gorgeous example of Mehndi artwork.  Truth be told, we are far from the only artists on display.  These artists do with plant-based paints what we do with cameras.  Breathtaking.

Experienced Indian Wedding PhotographerI still love the fact that on a normal day, everyone’s like “Do everything your own darn self…” but when your wedding week rolls around, one can’t even dawn earrings without helpers. It makes me chuckle.  Also, she went with those and it was the right call.

Sikh Wedding CeremonySikh Wedding TempleLove this image.  The Sikh wedding ceremonies are so interesting.  It’s such a departure from what Western weddings entail.  Our presence in the Indian community as of the last few years has been stout, and we continue to garner more experience with each passing year.

Sikh Indian Wedding CeremonySikh Wedding PhotographersSeriously.  Dude, this is how you do color.  If I told you I was going to rock a cream-sickle/pink blend, you’d look at me like I had an extra arm. Sunit on the other hand?  This man pulls it off.  

Best Indian Wedding PhotographerI love how the sun is streaming into this image.  No fancy lighting necessary.  Just need me a spinning beautiful, blue bride and a handsome man holding her up.

Best Indian Wedding PhotographerFiyyyaaaahhhhh

Mehndi Artist Indian WeddingIndianapolis Arts Garden Indian WeddingHow about this wedding venue?! The Indianapolis Artsgarden.  Basically, a giant dome suspended above an Indianapolis intersection.  Freaking awesome.  I’m just blown away by Indy’s choice of wedding venues.  Makes me jealous!

Indianapolis Arts Garden Indian WeddingSangeet celebrating.  Sangeetebrating.  Gracious, the Indian community needs me.

Indianapolis Arts Garden Indian WeddingExperienced Indian Wedding PhotographerIndiana State House WeddingThe Barat!  Basically, a giant celebration of families.  Sunit’s family gathers in an undisclosed [ but it’s disclosed ] location.  Then, they bring a bunch of family and music.  Then, they dance their little hearts out, finally arriving at the [ disclosed ] location of Paulomi’s family in front of the ceremony space.  It’s basically a ceremonious freaking party to kick off the marriage ceremony.  In short? It’s fun.

Indian Wedding PhotographerIndiana State House Indian WeddingIs this the most breathtaking Indian Wedding ceremony you’ve ever seen?  It’s lovely.  Let’s give high praise to the vendor team that made this happen;  the incredible combination of Lori from Boldly Chic Events [ Indina wedding and event planners in New York and Indianapolis ] and Sima Patel from Weddings in Style [ an incredibly gifted event designer and florist ] made this wedding at the Indianapolis state house shine.

Indianapolis Indian wedding ceremonyThese guys actually hosted both Hindu and Sikh wedding ceremonies.  Two cultures becoming one.  Fusion.  Fin.

Mandap Indiana State House WeddingIndiana State House WeddingIndiana State House Indian WeddingSunit’s mother has made waving a science.  It’s really impressive.

Indianapolis Indian wedding ceremonyIndiana State House WeddingIndiana State House Indian WeddingArtistic Indian Wedding PhotographerDuring Indian wedding ceremonies, there comes a time when the bride and groom lead each other around the Mandap whilst family and friends throw rice at them.  This makes me sad for Western weddings sometimes because all I want to do is throw rice at people I love.

Mandap Indiana State House WeddingIndianapolis Indian wedding ceremonyOne of my favorites.  I love this perspective on the ceremony.  The venue with the upper balcony gave us a chance to be unique here.  You have to take the chance though.  Always.

Indiana State House WeddingI’m honestly not sure if this a Miss India Miss America mid-wave moment, or if she’s showing off the ring…  I’m not sure it matters at this point.  Either way, Paulomi is kickin’ the vibe hard here.  Extra hard.

Indian Wedding PhotographerAlways marry up, bro.  Always marry up.

Artistic Indian Wedding PhotographerArtistic Indian Wedding PhotographerNo more sneakiness, she’s obviously found him out here.

Indian Wedding PhotographerIndian Wedding PhotographerOutfit change!  CUE THE MUSIC OMG

Indian Wedding PhotographerAnd a dramatic sky for a dramatic day.

Boldly Chic Events Indian WeddingIndiana Public Library Wedding ReceptionI loved the floral design here [ incredible compliments to Sima Patel at Weddings in Style in Cincinnati ], her artful floristry design made this  along with the venue.  Who can put a tree in the middle of the Indianapolis Public Library for a wedding reception?  Apparently Sima can!

Indianapolis Library Wedding ReceptionIndianapolis Indian wedding receptionFreaking beautiful.

Boldly Chic Events Indian WeddingIndiana Public Library Wedding ReceptionI’m pretty sure the dude in the white is rapping here.  I’m not sure if he’s any good, but I’m pretty sure he’s trying.  That’s what really matters.

Thank you, Paulomi and Sunit.  Thank you for making us feel welcome and making us a part of your story.  We loved telling it and we loved experiencing all that Indianapolis has to offer.

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