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Meet Stephanie. Meet Laszlo. They’ve been together 8 years. You know what that means?

Fun wedding Photographers ClevelandThat means that those are sonic shockwaves of love emanating from Laszlo’s back. It takes 8 years to get that kind of thing going on when you grab your significant other from behind. Seven years? Nope. 8 Years? Bam.

Unique Engagement Photography ClevelandAlthough Laszlo works for the Cafe Provenance at the Cleveland Museum of Art [ #Friend-orLove ], he first met Stephanie at a semi-pro piggyback riding competition #urbanRodeo

Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionNo wait; nope. Got them confused with my folks. These two met at the College of Wooster in their undergrad.

Artistic Engagement Session ClevelandThose are real horses.

Engagement Session Photographer ClevelandCleveland Wedding Engagement SessionWhile the two are having their wedding at Wooster, they were engaged this past April in Napa.  They are wine aficionados and travel to Napa every year.  Stephanie was surprised [ well planned Laszlo! ].  The two enjoyed a 3 day celebration there-after.

Fun wedding Photographers ClevelandBlankets and rugs are a phobia of Laszlo’s, thanks in part to a traumatic incident involving a snuggle® and a tiny squirrel. As part of his therapy, Stephanie hugs him in a blanket everyday.

Artistic Engagement Session Cleveland

Fun wedding Photographers ClevelandNose touches often calm Laszlo’s fears.

Unique Engagement Photography ClevelandEngagement Session Photographer Cleveland
Cleveland Wedding Engagement SessionEngagement Session Photographer ClevelandEngagement Session Photographer ClevelandJoy. Laughter. Blankets. Wine. That’s why I adore these two. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this coming year.  Cheers to Stephanie + Laszlo!

Cleveland Wedding Engagement Session

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