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It’s the people that matter; the individuals. The Families. The Friends. I need to remind you of that before you look ahead at the visuals. Akshata and Aanand had an exceptionally beautiful wedding [ it’s jaw droopingly lovely ] and so you will be tempted to focus on the incredible aesthetics of their weekend.

Hindu Indian Wedding Ceremony ClevelandBut if you do; you’ll miss the reason I photographed their wedding; Story. Story matters more than stuff any day. Family more than florals. Friends more than photography.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandAll that being said; their wedding was full of style and poise. I’m incredibly impressed with and thankful to the many wedding vendors who made their weekend fantastic;

Yes; our wedding cinema team crafted an exceptionally powerful Same Day Edit that was played live at their wedding reception at the Courthouse that night. You have to see it to believe it.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandYes; Akshata is lovely and beautiful; this is from our third day of her wedding celebrations as her family was helping her dress for the forthcoming Hindu wedding ceremony.  We photograph quite a few Indian Weddings in Cleveland throughout the year, and so we’re used to the 3-4 days of coverage and all the story and artwork that come from them.

Indian Wedding Inspiration ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographersThat Laugh.  I seriously love Akshata’s bright smile.

Indian Wedding Inspiration Cleveland

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandAkshata’s father stepped into the room as she was finishing getting dressed. I love the “real” of this moment and both their smiles.

Indian Wedding Inspiration ClevelandNow
Wedding Photographers ClevelandYou
Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandShine.Indian Wedding Inspiration ClevelandCandid Wedding Photographers ClevelandAkshata’s lehenga was stunning.  Just like the person that wore it.

Candid Wedding Photographers ClevelandExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Wedding Barat ClevelandWhile Akshata was stunning; Aanand was outside of the Cleveland Courthouse coming in strong and loud at the Barat. If you’ve never attended an Indian wedding, there’s nothing like the Barat.

Indian Wedding BaratThe Barat is loud, immersive and powerful; it’s the tradition of the  Groom and his people making their way into the Indian Wedding Ceremony to meet the bride’s family.  It’s also one of my favorite parts of being an Indian wedding photographer; there’s so much energy and action at the Barat, I have the opportunity to capture some amazing pictures.

Indian Wedding BaratAanand knows how to move; how to celebrate.  I love this fearless man; I’ve gotten to know him since two winters ago when the couple was first considering me as their wedding photographer.

Hindu Indian Wedding Ceremony ClevelandRight before their Indian wedding ceremony at the Old Courthouse in Cleveland all is ready.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandSumeet and his team did a fantastic job of bringing the charm of the Cleveland Courthouse to match the tradition and allure of an Indian wedding.  The Mandap was draped in ivory and red, and perfectly adorned in every detail.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographersIndian wedding ceremonies are full of precious and quick moments; to be an Indian wedding photographer you have to be attentive and familiar with every tradition.  As well; you have to be prepared to capture each and every little smile that comes.

Indian Mandap ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandAfter photographing Indian weddings in Cleveland for the last 8 years, myself and our team have become quite accustomed to every tradition and its meaning.  Knowing the importance of every moment has given me permission to be creative and unique in my approach to capture.

Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandArtistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThere’s nothing like the stairs at the old courthouse to make a great bridal party wedding photograph.  One area I work hard on as an artist to be a good communicator and leader to large groups of people; putting together an image with this large a bridal party means it’s a necessity that a wedding photographer be a good communicator and leader.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Wedding Photographers ClevelandExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland
Courthouse Wedding ClevelandAfter the wedding ceremony, the Cleveland courthouse was transformed into a majestic wedding reception space.  With a guest list approaching 400 [ typical for Indian wedding receptions at the Courthouse ], Sumeet and his team created a space of wonder and awe for Akshata and Aanand’s wedding guests.

Courthouse Wedding ReceptionIndian Wedding Reception ClevelandReception Cleveland CourthouseI’m a nut for good uplight and decor at a wedding reception venue.  The Old Courthouse is elegant by itself; but careful attention to floral and event lighting turned it into something special that night.

Indian Wedding Reception Venues ClevelandBest Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandMeanwhile, Akshata and Aanand prepared for their first dance as husband and wife at the upcoming reception.

Courthouse Wedding ClevelandAnd a first it was. The two had a choreographed routine that stunned all; transitioning from formal ballroom dancing to a performancing ending rather well timed out floss.

Courthouse Wedding ReceptionIndian Wedding Reception ClevelandReception Cleveland CourthouseIndian Wedding Inspiration Cleveland
Courthouse Wedding ClevelandAfter the formalities of the wedding reception at the Cleveland Courthouse finished, the party went strong into the night.  I love a packed dance floor at a wedding reception [ sincerely; I get some of the best and most fun wedding photographs ]

Courthouse Wedding ReceptionIndian Wedding Reception ClevelandReception Cleveland CourthouseI snuck upstairs to the second floor of the courthouse to get this picture around 1130; you can tell the wedding reception was STILL going strong.

Wedding Photographers ClevelandCongratulations to my newly married friends.  I adore you two plenty, and have enjoyed every step of this journey you’ve allowed me to share with you.

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