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Mitchell. Priya. I can’t even begin to presume where to begin in telling their story. Their images will help of course; small vignettes and borrowed moments that will help paint a picture of a larger love story.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBut even the best wedding photographs [ and even the best wedding video ] can’t ever really do justice to the complex tapestry that is woven when two families come together.

Downtown Cleveland Hilton Indian Wedding ReceptionThis doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the power and art-form that is wedding photography or wedding videography; it just means that as an experienced storyteller [ I’ve been photographing weddings professionally now for over 5 years on our team ] I have the belief and understanding that wedding pictures are just a part of the puzzle of telling the story.

Hindu Indian Wedding Cleveland DowntownBefore I go further, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give compliments and gratitudes to all the fabulous wedding vendors who made their Indian wedding at the Hilton Cleveland happen that weekend;

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandLet’s get this out of the way. They are WILDLY attractive. I mean. Gracious. Their kids [ should they choose to have them ] will be so great looking you’ll need to sign a waiver before casting a glance their way. I don’t know what the waiver would be for, but it felt awesome when I penned that statement, so we’re going with it.

hilton cleveland wedding photographyIndian Wedding Reception HiTheir Mandap from their Hindu wedding ceremony at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown was designed by Alina from Party Decor.

Cleveland Indian Wedding Photographer HennaWe’re all taken back by Mehndi; it’s a painstakingly patient art form. If you haven’t been to an Indian wedding [ seriously, get invited, somehow ] you haven’t seen Mehndi.  We are often asked to photograph the Mehndi event [ sometimes a small party at an event venue, but in this case a private event in Priya’s home with her parents ]

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIt’s the beautiful person adorned by the Mehndi that counts in this case.  I adore Priya; after planning with her for her Indian wedding for over a year we became friends.  She’s warm, wonderful and magical.  [ ok; I use the term magical here to describe her not literally; she can’t actually do magic. She’s a dentist. ]

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI guess sometimes she makes teeth disappear though, so she’s something of a dental magician at times?

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland“hahahahaha Sara, you’re so funny, I’m laughing at your jokes.” says Priya in the picture above.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThe Haldi is a wedding ceremony we often photograph as part of our Indian Wedding photography.  Both halves of the couple are separately prepared by their families for the wedding, being covered [ one stroke at a time ] by family members and friends.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingThis simple portrait of Priya; I adore.

Cleveland Downtown Hilton Wedding Photographer First LookWhen I met them in August of 2018 [ over a year before their wedding ], I got to know them quite a bit.  They had been together for over 2 years.  While the two were destined to meet because they have so many mutual friends, they ended up connecting on Bumble.

Hilton indian wedding clevelandThey deserved this sunny wedding day in Cleveland; the proposal was a cold rainy day at Navy Pier.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandUnique Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandIn the first week they met they went on 3 dates. That says something.  For the record; once you crest 9 dates in the first week of dating you know you wandered into stalker territory, but three is just the right number.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingArtistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandPriya loves that Mitchell is calm and collected.  Mitchell isn’t overly wordy, but his words and thoughts are deep, rooted and significant.

Indian Baraat Wedding Photographer ClevelandMitchell likes that Priya is driven and focused.  She’s driven by family. Family. Family. Family.  She puts those cherished people first above herself.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThe Barat. If you are ever near the Hilton Cleveland, and you notice a parade led by [ usually ] a minivan thumping hard with beats, it’s the Barat at an Indian Wedding.  The throng of dancers and celebrators is the family of the groom escorting him; showcasing the strength and life his family brings.

Indian Wedding Ceremony Venue ClevelandOk, back to the Mandap.  Alina from Party Decor really really really really [ really ] nailed the design.  Hadia’s florals absolutely set everything over the top.  This is one of my favorite Mandaps I’ve seen at an Indian wedding at the Hilton.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingLook at the chandelier lighting; fantastic. #Lit #GreatUseOfaHashtag #IuseHashtagsWhenIamStrugglingWithWordSmithing

Hindu Indian Wedding Cleveland DowntownBoth of their parents are quiet and cool.  Priya’s parents call her on the phone often just to say “hello” and hear her voice. Priya’s Parents LOVE Mitchell.

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandExperienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandHilton Cleveland Indian WeddingBAM. It’s real. #PutaRingOnIt #aforementionedHashtagProblemIHave

Unique Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBefore their Indian wedding reception at the Hilton Cleveland, the two made an attire change into their formal evening wear.

Downtown Hilton Cleveland Wedding ReceptionO.M.G. [ Obviously Maria Goodness ] Maria Kovacevich is one of the finest wedding and event planners in Cleveland.  Working with her on this event [ and so many others ] produces a symphony of coordination and execution; vendors are all playing in the same creative key and executing their roles on beat.

Downtown Cleveland Hilton Indian Wedding ReceptionThe ballroom at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown was set for one of the finest Indian wedding receptions Cleveland would host yet.

Hilton Cleveland Indian WeddingBest Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandTwo blog entries in a row, we’re gushing over how fantastic the cake artistry at Wild Flour is.  Having the cake be the center point of your reception room is an incredible wedding trend and a poignant statement.

Cleveland Downtown Hilton Wedding First DanceDowntown Hilton Cleveland Wedding ReceptionPriya. Mitchell. We love our couples and families here; but we couldn’t be more thrilled that you two chose us to tell your visual story.  Thank you for choosing us not only to photograph your wedding, but to tell your story via our wedding films [ future entry to come

hilton cleveland wedding photographyIndian Wedding Reception HiFun Wedding Reception Photography Cleveland Hilton

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