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Sometimes. Sometimes making a dicey risk-laden drive through a snow storm to meet a person two hours away is worth it. Sometimes that meeting will change your life. For Chris and Rathna? It did.

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandChris is a romantic; the kind of guy who brings his guitar to his wedding reception and serenades his new wife on the dance floor at the end of the night.  He’s also the kind of man that drove through a snowstorm to Bar Louie in westlake ohio to meet his future wife.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandRathna is a gem; she’s worth it. She’s insightful, well thought out, and brought not only her culture but her beauty and wisdom to Chris’ life.

Fusion Indian Wedding ClevelandChris brings his intense baby blue eyes to the equation.  Seriously.  Look at this man’s eyes. I kid you not; they are entrancing.  I unveiled their wedding pictures to them last night at our offices in Westlake, and Rathna, Chris’ mother and I had a 39 minute debate [ slight exaggeration ] over whether or not he looked more like Bradley Cooper or Tom Cruise.
Best wedding photographers ClevelandIndian Wedding Photographer ClevelandPrior to their fusion Indian wedding [ a term for two cultures coming together for a wedding ], the two had their first look on the shores of lake erie.

Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI love doing first looks out on these rocks.  Little secret?  I’m FREAKING OUT every time because I’m afraid someone is going to fall into the water and get eaten by sharks.

Cleveland Wedding Photography First LookYou know why that doesn’t happen?  Because sharks innately fear love. They do. They’re terrified of it.

Cleveland Wedding Photography Lake ErieHonest to God, when was the last time you heard of bride or groom being eaten alive by a shark in Lake Erie?  Wait; no, you’ve never heard of that happening? Really?  It’s because of love. #lovewins

Fusion Indian Wedding ClevelandBest Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandI had them stand out there for like 5 minutes too – just to see if they’d get eaten. Nope. Didn’t happen.  #scienced

Unique photographers in clevelandWedding inspiration clevelandfun wedding bridesmaids in clevelandI love their bridal party [ I know I say that a lot ]. But the truth is I love what I do.  I love not only being a wedding photographer, but also making new friends on a wedding day.  I get to meet all the important people in a couple’s life; and then invite them into the fun and joy of photography.  What more could I ask for? 

Artistic Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThe ability to to turn into a panda bear on command. I could ask for that.

Fusion Indian Wedding ClevelandFun fact; you will always win at jump rope if you stand 4 feet to the side of the rope.

Best Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique photographers in clevelandWedding inspiration cleveland
Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandThe above; one of my favorites.

Artistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandBest Indian Wedding Photographer ClevelandRathna is caught in the snare net of Chris’ eyes.

Cleveland Wedding Photography Lake ErieSorry for all my shark jokes. I’m “Fin-ished” #sharkpun

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