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These two are a beautiful couple [ inside and out ].  Clearly, you can see their exteriors; but when you spend time with the two, you’re aware of how wonderful they are.

Engagement Photographers ClevelandTheir engagement session was lovely; and it’s all because of them.  The two have a backstory [ here’s the rough out ]

  • Met in Highschool [ #mayfieldHighSchool2010YOLO ]
  • Were randomly picked to escort eachother on Homecoming court
  • Traded digits
  • fell in love
  • broke up [ speed bump called college ]
  • Fell back in love
  • Booked us as their wedding photographers

Cleveland Engagement IdeasThere was probably a step or two in between that last one [ certainly one involving a bag of lifesavers and a ring pop ] but you get the gist.

engagement session clevelandbest engagement photographers clevelandI adore them; I’m so freaking happy I get to be their photographer.

artistic engagement session clevelandEngagement sessions are good for a few things; not only do we craft artwork, but I can really figure a couple out. I can learn how they best photograph [ kind of like practice for their wedding photography ].  But more important?  I can earn their trust.

fun engagement session clevelandbest engagement photographers clevelandI love smiley nose connections [ who doesn’t? ]

making the moment photography cleveland ohioIsn’t Erika’s dress beautiful?  It’s her mother’s.  Both [ clearly ] have great taste.

nature engagement session clevelandDavid has great taste too [ in ladies for sure ]

fun engagement session clevelandErika. David. I mean this; I’m overjoyed I get to be your wedding photographer in June. This engagement session was so much fun for me, and I’m so happy I know you better.

And David; We WILL get you to speak in your Italian accent [ ciao! ]

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