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When Laura and Paul walked into our offices this past summer, excited about their wedding [ and eachother ] we asked for trust. We always believe that working with our wedding photography couples is a two-way street; they’re vetting us, just as much as we’re doing the same. After a few quick questions, we instantly saw the depth of the two, and not only did they put their trust in our artwork, we found ourselves believing in the two of them.

Groom Creative Wedding Photography ClevelandThis is Paul. He’s more than just a good looking piece of man-meat. Laura describes Paul as gentle, kind, hard worker.

Bride Veil Photographers ClevelandMeet Laura. She’s lovely; Paul describes her as honest and selfless, putting others first. This photograph was captured in her parent’s home before the Zaffe. Her confidence and engaged eyes give a glimpse into the beautiful soul she is.

Artistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographersBefore we dive deeper; as wedding photographers in Cleveland we’re only as great as the fellow wedding vendors we come alongside.  We’re thankful to all our wedding vendors who played a part here for this beautiful Lebanese wedding;

Groom Cleveland Wedding PhotographyGroom Journalistic Wedding Photographers ClevelandFun side note; Paul’s last name mean’s “Good Listener” in Arabic. Laura’s mean’s “Falcon”.  This means that their offspring will be attentive bird creatures. #Fact #ItsScience

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography ClevelandShe has probably walked down these stairs 500 times. This time was different.

Covid Wedding Photography ClevelandLaura’s father’s face as he sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding morning. Priceless wedding photograph.

Candid Bridesmaids Wedding Photography ClevelandUnique Bridal Photographers ClevelandCovid Wedding Ceremony Photographer ClevelandThe Zaffe is an important pre wedding ceremony for Lebanese wedding.  It involves plenty of food, flowers, dancing and fun.

Photojournalistic Flowegirl Cleveland PhotographersAnd by tradition’s decree, small children have to hit drums. Otherwise the marriage will fail and stuff.

Photojournalistic Cleveland Wedding PhotographersFun Cleveland Wedding PhotographersI wish that every wedding morning had drums and smoke bombs. Wouldn’t your mimosa be THAT much better if this was happening alongside?

Wedding Photography in Cleveland“ok buhhhyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” “I have to get married but enjoy the smoke bombs!”

Cleveland Wedding Ceremony PhotographyThe two had their wedding at St. Maron’s church in Cleveland. Coming down the aisle, Laura and her father stayed all smiles [ with a wee bit of an emotional exchange at the end of course 😭

Photojournalistic Ceremony Wedding PhotographersThe flower girls were reminding me keep it down. One threatened me with violence if I didn’t shush.

Cleveland Wedding Ceremony Photographers..And Married!

Wedding Ceremony Exit Ideas Cleveland PhotographersWas that a balloon pop I heard? Or was it an uncle firing of a .45 Colt in celebration as they exited the church? Hard to tell. Hard. to. Tell.

Candid Wedding Ceremony Exit Cleveland PhotographersIt was the uncle. LOL.

Unique Groomsman Wedding Photography ClevelandJust a few classy guys hanging out on a rooftop in Cleveland. No big.  We’re just casually buttoning up at the same time; that’s all. Wait, backstreet boys album cover you say?

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandElegance. We value elegance deeply in our wedding photography.  I titled this post “connected” due to the intimate and obvious level of connection that Laura and Paul share.  Their wedding images bespoke this connected-ness. 

Romantic Wedding Photographers ClevelandReception Decor Best Cleveland PhotographersWhere else to have your Lebanese wedding reception in Cleveland?  Taza of course.Elegant Cleveland Wedding Reception PhotographersI had thought that by “Drawn Butter” that the butter would be elaborately drawn onto the lobster via a sharpie marker or other art utensil of some sort.  It wasn’t. To compensate, I took my crayons [ I bring them to EVERY wedding ] and drew mustaches on several of the lobsters [ and one of the groomsmen; Ferris if I recall ] to ensure that we could class things up a bit.

Intimate Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographersBride and Groom Entrance Cleveland Wedding ReceptionUnique Wedding Photographer ClevelandBefore entering their wedding reception Laura and Paul played a traditional game of “Pat-a-Cake”

Fun Wedding Photographer ClevelandPaul’s face is saying to me in this photograph “You better F___ING give me a high-five RIGHT F__ING now”.

Best Cleveland Wedding PhotographersLaura LOVES her sister. They’re super close. Laura shared later that one of her favorite parts of her day were the wedding toasts.

During Laura’s brother’s speech, there was a joke growing up that her brother would be her maid of honor instead.  In his speech, he turned it down; not because he didn’t want to walk up the aisle with Paul’s brother, but because he didn’t want to wear the dress.

Candid Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographersThem are real tears.

Photojournalistic Cleveland ReceptionThem are real hand holds.

Intimate Cleveland Wedding Reception PhotographersThem are real words.

Best Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers ClevelandEvery father of the bride thinks of this dance for years as he raises his daughter.

Unique Wedding Photographers ClevelandSo does every mom.  Our parents labor for years to help us get to this point, I have no idea how they emotionally keep it together during these dances.

Candid Wedding Reception Cleveland PhotographyAlcohol. That’s the answer to my last question and the reason for the above.

Intimate Cleveland Wedding ReceptionPhotojournalistic Cleveland Wedding Reception PhotographyRomantic Cleveland Wedding Reception PhotographersLaura. Paul. Seriously; we adored being your wedding photographers.  Freaking thank you. Many years of joy and happiness to you and your families!

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