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Yes. Yes; we’ll discuss how amazing this wedding photograph is.

Courthouse Cleveland WeddingAnd yes; this bridal party wasn’t just elegant and lovely; they were fun and LOL hilarious [ Courthouse climbing *AHEM* ]

best wedding photographers clevelandBut before we do so; we need to talk through the amazing wedding of Haleigh and James.

Cleveland wedding photographySo let’s start [ cue super cute wedding photograph of our esteemed couple above ]

unique wedding photography clevelandBefore our groom shares his suit coat in chivalrous fashion with his bride, let us thank the following Cleveland wedding vendors;

Old Courthouse Cleveland WeddingOk; now you get to “Stair” at our super-cute couple. [ pun ]

fun wedding photographers clevelandMake DARN sure your wedding photographer takes a moment to get on the party bus to capture the portable party that’s happening.

Make DARN sure there is at least one white claw in the picture.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandMake DARN sure to climb the exterior of the Cleveland Courthouse during your wedding pictures too!

wedding photos old courthouse Cleveland OhioYes; our fab couple’s wedding reception was at Tenk in Cleveland; but we did take a moment to stop at the Old Courthouse in Cleveland for some wedding portraiture.

Courthouse Cleveland Wedding PhotographerCleveland Wedding PhotographyReset. The day started with James [ our groom ] wearing some finely contrasted leather suspenders.

Cleveland Wedding GroomsmenFinely contrasted leather suspenders AND converse wedding shoes!

Creative Wedding Photography ClevelandForeshadowing; Above groomsmen will later climb the side of the courthouse to show off his bouldering skills

Bridal Party ClevelandTHis is what I love about being a wedding photographer; taking the time to have fun with the bridesmaids in the morning which results in all the fun of this classic wedding bridesmaids photograph.

Best Wedding Photographer ClevelandIt gets real when your mother is putting on your wedding gown on your wedding day. Emotions happen. People cry.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandBrides hug close to their moms.

Cleveland Wedding BrideBrides hug close to hotel drapery.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandBrides show off their super amazing hair and make-up.

Bridal Portrait ClevelandBrides show off their super cute wedding gowns. Complete with hella texture.

Cleveland Wedding CoupleGrooms react to aforementioned super cute wedding gown and bride.

fun wedding photographers clevelandEveryone smiles. Voila; it’s wedding photography in cleveland. [ boom; slid in some good ol’ SEO ]

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyWe never ask the jokes that are told between bridesmaids.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandWe can usually hear out loud the jokes from the groomsmen though!

Creative Wedding Photography ClevelandBold. Mysterious. Avante-garde.

Bridal Party ClevelandSilly. Irreverent. Flexible.

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyI love a man who can wear tennis shoes and pull them off with his wedding attire so casually and yet perfectly.

Cleveland Wedding CoupleAnd so does Haleigh.

Best Wedding Photographer ClevelandYou’ll rarely find a more well dressed wedding bride and groom; the texture on Haleigh’s wedding gown is off the chart.

Courthouse Cleveland Wedding PhotographerNearly as off the chart as this wedding photograph at Cleveland’s old courthouse.

Old Courthouse Cleveland WeddingOr this wedding photograph. [ sorry; search engine key word fodder ]

Romantic Wedding Photography ClevelandDon’t be afraid of intimacy and closeness in your wedding photography.

wedding photos old courthouse Cleveland Ohio… and don’t be afraid when we use silhouettes in our wedding photography.

Boho Inspired Wedding ClevelandOf all the wedding ceremonies we have photographed at Tenk in Cleveland; this was by far the most BOHO and uniquely [ and lovingly ] decorated. Do you see the custom carpets?

Cleveland Wedding PhotographyTenk Wedding Ceremony ClevelandWe’re “tenk-ful” that the two had such a lovely fall wedding ceremony at Tenk in the flats.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandDon’t “Tenk” Haleigh’s smile for granted; she was enamored with James’ wedding vows.

Cleveland Tenk Wedding Venue“Tenk” it from me; James is done with our puns [ that’s a polite smile ] 🤦‍♂️

Wedding Photographer ClevelandWe’re all feeling it right now. Give “Tenks” that these puns are almost over.

Fun Wedding Photographers Cleveland[ Cue polite laughter at the puns ]

Industrial Wedding Cleveland… Wedding Ceremony is over? Cue the “Tenk” Sinatra 😉

Best Wedding Photographers ClevelandGotta admit; too many brides miss the chance to literally SHOVE cake in their groom’s face at the wedding reception. James [ too his credit ] didn’t flinch.

Tenk West Bank Wedding Reception ClevelandWhite. Claw. All. Night. Long.

Industrial Wedding ClevelandSeriously; a wedding reception at Tenk in flats at Cleveland is a guaranteed good time.

Cleveland Tenk Wedding VenueCandid wedding photographers cleveland

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