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Image of the year is crazy. With a capital ZEE [ craZEE ]. What you don’t see from the outside, is all the lovely wedding pictures we have to pass up to get to our official nominee list. And that’s a real shame, because we have a truckload of beautiful wedding pictures that all but demand being shown off.

Elegant Wedding Photography ClevelandIf you have zero idea what I’m talking about [ perhaps you literally live under a rock, have no internet, and have never been on our website ] than let me enlighten you; Every our team of cleveland wedding photographers picks out the very best of our wedding pictures. We can only choose one from each wedding we photograph throughout the year.

Candid wedding photographers clevelandWhich means, inevitably we’re leaving a lot of creative beautiful wedding photography on the editing room floor.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandDrunken wedding reception dance floor moments like the above👆

Artistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandAnd intensively epic wedding bridal party group pictures like that one up there.

Downtown Cleveland Wedding PhotographyBut because we want need someone to “STAIR” at these pictures we crafted this blog of wedding photography for you to STAIR at. [ ok, might be overplaying my hand here, but do you see what I did there? It’s a pun; instead of using the word “stare” I used “stair” because the wedding photograph above is a picture of a couple laying on top of stairs at the old courthouse in Cleveland. Clever. I know. Brilliant? Maybe.]

Fun Wedding Photographers ClevelandI Wrote “Stair” twice so you’d get it. I didn’t want you to think I was a bad keyboard typer. I’m pretty good at that.

Journalistic Wedding Photography ClevelandAll that being said; we proudly present to you some of the best wedding photography in cleveland that didn’t make the cut! I’ll present here with limited interruptions.

best wedding photographers clevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographerThis moment when your maid of honor sees you and you both freak out a bit.

Romantic Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandWedding Reception Photography ClevelandYou know what song they’re singing? It’s AC/DC for sure.

Creative Wedding Photographer ClevelandUnique Wedding Photography ClevelandBlack and White Wedding Photography ClevelandThese are hilarious candid wedding photographs. I have no idea what these ladies are laughing at but I’m sure it’s fairly “8th grade” level humor 🤣

Candid wedding photographers clevelandI LOVE mom’s face in this picture so much 😳

015-joyful-wedding-photography-clevelandEthereal Wedding Photography ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandEngagement Photography ClevelandUnique Wedding Photography ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Wedding PhotographyBridal Party Photography ClevelandCleveland Arcade Wedding PhotographyElegant Wedding Photography ClevelandCandid wedding photographers clevelandbest wedding photographers clevelandBooty grab.

Fun Wedding Photographers ClevelandCleveland Indian Wedding PhotographyWe all need cardboard cut outs of our faces on our wedding days.

Unique Indian Wedding Photography ClevelandJournalistic Wedding Photography ClevelandOMG; this.

Unique Wedding Photography ClevelandOur bride’s veil began to blow off during their photography session; going right into the river!

Cleveland wedding photographyMaid of honor to the rescue! Your best friends will never “veil” you [ OMG another pun OMG OMG OMG 🤣 ]

Bridal Photography ClevelandJoyful Wedding Photography ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandElegant Wedding Photography ClevelandRomantic Wedding Photography ClevelandCleveland Wedding PhotographerUnique Wedding Photography Clevelandbest wedding photographers clevelandJoyful Wedding Photography ClevelandOMG; You’re here??? LOL

Creative Wedding Photographer ClevelandThis is what groomsmen do in the morning. Salute eachother and beer it up.

Ethereal Wedding Photography ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandWedding Reception Photography ClevelandThat is a lot of crotch for our wedding blog.

Black and White Wedding Photography ClevelandCleveland Flats Wedding PhotographyOutdoor Wedding Photography ClevelandArtistic Wedding Photographer ClevelandFun Wedding Photographers ClevelandJournalistic Wedding Photography ClevelandCreative Engagment Photography ClevelandMoody Wedding Photography ClevelandThis is either a bad-ass bridal party picture; or it’s a very interestingly clothed street gang that is going to kill us all.

Fun Wedding Photographers ClevelandPre-party?

Best Engagement Photographer ClevelandCleveland is always giving you signs that you should get married here [ PUN ]

Best Indian Wedding Photographers ClevelandLGBTQ+ Engagement Photography ClevelandDowntown Cleveland Engagement Session

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