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We nominated 127 Images.

You Voted.

Only ONE Image wins the coveted title.

It’s Time to Reveal the IMAGE of the YEAR.

Real talk; how many times did you correct your boomer gen family members on how leaving a comment on insta works?

The behind the scenes stories are just as intense. One of our couples [ not naming names J + N ] offered to bribe Brett with bottles of his favorite bourbon [ Blantons ] if he would murder some of the competing couples [ to their credit the murdering part was Brett’s idea because he didn’t want to break the rules of the competition by messing with the vote count ].

Sara found the snake that we lost in the office last year. Katie awkwardly pretended to laugh at Brett’s jokes [ as per the norm ]. Anna knitted and attended to her various cat-like creatures. Emma realized she had joined a cult upon employment with us. Sam spent 30 minutes describing smoked meats to us and something about his “Five Star” Chipotle experience. Edric shaved his head. Dennis tried to leave the country. Julina Julina’d. Vince went off on a tangent about his misspent youth. Then, after all of that, we tallied votes like madmen [ and madwomen ].

127 Images Nominated

One Will Win it All

Winning Means Prizes

See the Goods Below

Image of the Year Logo
Custom Metal Artwork

24x36" Metal Wall Art Print with B.A. [ bad-ass ] Metal Stud Post Hangers

$250 gift card

To our print lab [ or Arby's ]. Your Call.

Prank Call Your Folks

None other than Brett; he'll personally call your parents. He'll be awkward [ yet polished ] and pretend to be Yoda

$197.12 gift card

To our Print Lab [ or maybe you're into White Castle? ] Both are forever decisions.

Film Noir Short

An 8 second short film produced by Anna involving a Dorito and one of your socks [ $318 street value ]

Sara Writes Haiku

Sara will write a haiku about your ex. It will be emotional, raw and regretful

$77 gift card

To our Print Lab [ Because of inflation this will get you one 4x6 ]

Katie TPs a House

She will toilet paper any house of your choosing. And then "mistakenly" do your house instead

Emma’s new Tattoo

Pick a member of your bridal party; Emma will tattoo their face on her forehead.

20 Finalist Images Were Voted Upon

The Winners are Below

Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland

The Image of the Year

The Coveted Title // JULIA+WILL

He might be the “third” in real life; but despite his namesake Will rocketed Julia and his engagement session image into first place in this Year’s Image of the Year competition. Was it will’s adoring / playful / mildly sarcastic face that won it? Was it Brett’s amazing photography skills [ with a z ]? Or was it a few bottles of bourbon dropped off at the office last night? Or was it legitimate voting and social media presence? The world will never known.

Engagement Session Photographer Cleveland

The Image of the Year

The Runner-up // DJ+TOBIE

You can’t see it from this angle, but Tobie has a kick-ass lion tattoo on his arm. While that has no bearing on the competition, it’s an amazing sight to see.

Tobie and DJ stole our hearts with this incredibly sweet, romantic picture from their engagement session. Tobie’s smiling not only because of the fierce love of DJ, but also at the idea of the custom short “sock and dorito” film noir cinema master-piece that Anna will craft for them. DJ’s already crying from Sara’s Haiku.

Indian Wedding Photographer Cleveland

The Image of the Year

Third Place // SALONI+NEAL

Persistence paid off. Not only in the competition [ netting third place is NO joke in our yearly competition ], but also in real life. When Neal first “met” Saloni on a dating app, it took a few tries for the romantic yet talented anesthesiologist to woo her, but woo her he did. The two are a dearly beloved couple of our staff team [ Shout outs from Brett, Sara, Katie, Renee and Edric ] as we’ve all been so pleased to see their artwork and their competitive efforts in the competition!

Katie will be reaching out to you bout whose home we will be 🧻’ing, and we already have the 💉 ready for Emma’s new tattoo!

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