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By April 30, 2013January 10th, 2018Around Here, photos

It’s been a lot of work getting here. 8 Years in business, a few hundred weddings, and hundreds of thousands of individual pieces of artwork crafted for our clients, but here we are. It’s exciting. Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeIf you’ve been wondering why our blog has been quiet for the past 3 or so months, it’s because our team (and lots of friends!) have been hard at work transplanting Making the Moment Photography’s offices into our new creative offices in Westlake, Ohio. It’s been a labor of love to say the least!Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeOur brand new creative photography office is located right by Crocker Park in Westlake, we’re literally across the street from all the fun, shopping and fine-dining that is Crocker. It’s a cool spot, and we’re incredibly thankful to everyone who made this move possible!Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeWith the help of Jim & Nikki (I photographed their wedding last year, and now my wife and I count them as close friends), we transformed a typical wall into a fun and reclaimed Pallet wall. We collected and disected roughly 40 wooden pallets to build our own accent wall in our upstairs meeting room.

It took about 8 hours of work, and was a fun (and relatively cheap) undertaking. Pretty cool. We finished it off with a giant metal print of our logo with over a hundred of our favorite images pathwork overlaid.Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeWe found these really hearty wooden artisan desks at Pottery Barn. Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeThe floor was hand laid by our team and many friends. It took a LOT of time and patience, but the new floor is sooooo nice. Many thanks to Renee who lead the charge and taught us how to do it!

Check out the difference replacing the flooring, and some good painting can do above.

Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeAbove is our new art display wall, featuring our pretty nifty ring shot montage. One thing we’re known for in our wedding photography is our funky ring shots, so we made a little tribute wall just for those.Making_the_Moment_Photography_OfficeOur new office is FULL of sunlight, thanks to tons of skylights and lots of big windows. It’s bright and happy and helps keep us creatives happy 🙂

Kudos, Credits & Thanks

The above transformation and work encompassed hundreds of hours of work from a mostly volunteer army of friends and clients. Words cannot express how thankful we are we are finally here in this office – and so much credit goes to those listed below. Many below sacrifced days upon days (and some nights) of hard work, and both myself, my family, and the team here at Making the Moment Photography are forever indebted to you.

  • Robynn & Dean – Gifted Interior Designers and Visionaries
  • Colleen Yacovella – Supportive and Patient Wife
  • Jim and Nikki Mikolich – Passionate Pallet Wall Engineers, Architects, Builders, and legendary friends
  • Jim Mikolich – Phenom Floor Layer, Beer Advocate, & ToolMaster
  • Renee Dunn – Construction Supervisor & Quarter Round Queen
  • Jordan Scheutzow – General Badassery & Floor Mastery
  • Dan Yacovella – Construction Coach, Tool Lender, Father
  • Luke Howell – Flooring Dude & Electrician 🙂
  • Jared Depolo – Flooring Achievement Unlocked
  • Andrew Depolo – Freaky Flooring Skills
  • Brian Depolo – Wall Outlet Installer & Mover Extra-ordinaire
  • KevBot – Wall Art Hanger-upper Master
  • Matt Dotson – Prince of Paint
  • Amber Barnes – Vinyl Flooring Friend & Mover
  • Dale Barnes – Mister Mover Himself!
  • Scottie Howard – Muscles McGee Mover
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