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Meet // Vince

[ Visual Storyteller ]


Meet // Vince

[ Visual Storyteller ]


Meet // Vince

[ Visual Storyteller ]

Meet Vince.

Vince Creates Artwork.

Let him tell your story.

Vince’s strong creative presence and puts you at ease personality play deeply into his image creation process. Do you see the life and unique approach to his imagery? It’s real;  this comes from his innate ability to draw imagery and scenes in his mind to life.  He’s skilled at allowing those around him to relax and be themselves. A powerhouse of creative direction and influence, his witty, joyful and easy-going personality leaves those around him feeling safe and at home.  Vince’s diverse, unique and yet iconic images are a true testament to the best of creative wedding photography

A veteran and skilled wedding photographer who has photographed over 250 weddings in his photography career to date, his experience is carried into every image he captures.  Joining the Making the Moment team 10 years ago, Vince channels his experience into his Indian weddings, Western American weddings, and of course every emotional image he crafts.  Experience like his means that you can rest easy on your wedding day; knowing that his leadership and clear communication will allow you, your family, your friends and your guests to enjoy a day like none other.

Vince; Photographer. Mentor. Emmy Award Winner. #RennaisanceMan

  • Photography
  • Mentoring
  • Making Male Progeny [ 4 to date ]
  • Diet Coke
  • Winning Emmys [ 1 so far… ]
  • Lighting Guru
  • Comes with Snacks
  • Working with Large Groups of People
  • Planning and Details
  • Quick and Reliable Communications
  • Line Dancing [ not good ]
  • Dad Jokes
  • The “Smolder”
  • Mechanical Bull Riding [ ask ]

We all love story. But some of us were born to tell it. Vince is a personable, clever, experienced and brave creative.

Real artwork comes from real friendships and trust.  Of course, we’ll invite you into our offices to spend time with him IRL [ in real life ] but for now why not get a sense of his personality via the below video?

Blah. Blah. Blah. Words. Words.

We know you want more Visuals.

See Vince’s 12 Favorite

Wedding Photographs Below.

In His Own Words.

That’s right. Every word you’ve read on this page so far about Vince’s visual valor [ catch the alliteration there; pretty brilliant, right? ] has all been word-smithed and crafted by our enthusiastic Creative Director [ Brett for the record; a self professed connoisseur of content creation and crafting ].  Self enthusiasm aside, we mean every word on this page, but it’s important that you get to know our creatives personally.

We highly encourage you to come in and meet Vince in person [ or digitally if you’re not in the Westlake area ] but in the mean time, take some time to get to know him with some quick [ and quirky ] Q + A.

Why are you a Wedding Photographer?

I love photographing people, and I have an incessant need to know peoples stories. I’m enthralled by details of peoples lives, how they tick, who/what they love, who/what they hate, all of it. Wedding photography gives me that ability to continuously meet new people and learn those stories.

How Many Weddings Have You Photographed?

Like 250? Let’s say 263.

What do you love about Making the Moment?

I love seeing the different emotions clients have when viewing their wedding pictures for the first time. Very few types of photography allow you to be there when people see your work, and yes most of the time I am tearing up too.

Who are your Photographic Heroes?

I have two photographers who have inspired me;

The first is John Michael Cooper. A photographer who taught me I could be different, that I could be myself and make images that show my artistic vision. He is also the wedding photographer who started the trash the dress craze.

The second photographer is Esther Havens. Her ability to use her photographic gifts to change the world drives me to do more. Esther’s work made me realize that God can use photography to bring joy, hope and love to people who need help the most.

What Do you Love Most About a Wedding Day?

Cocktail hour snacks and how Fireball somehow always enters the equation.

What are you Like on a Wedding Day?

It changes based on the couple or the situation. You know how you sort of meld to people around you sometimes? For the most part though, I’m kind, energetic, encouraging and willing [ and wanting ] to bust a move on the dance floor [ while photographing of course ]

What would your Dating Profile Say?

Making the ladies smile since the late 90’s; but making Kendra [ my wife ] smile is a bit more important to me. Kendra is the love of my life; she is smoking-hot and way too good looking to be with me [ please don’t tell her ]

What Photographic Awards Have You Earned/Been Awarded?

Getting recognized for hard work is a huge honor for me. I have been awarded an Emmy Award, under the Magazine Category for editing, video and writing. I have also placed second in a Rangefinder [ nationally published and acclaimed photography magazine ] Photo Contest.

What Qualities Does your Ideal Best Friend Have?

I gravitate towards real people and authenticity. People that know who they are and what they’re about. I think most of us want the same things from a friend; loyalty, honesty, and kinship.

What do you think of Ohio weather?

I think this question was designed to insight rage. I approve. I love Cleveland during the summer. It’s perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. I actually don’t mind it for about half of the winter. I love me a good snow. Around February I start to hate life. By April, I’m cursing the gods.

Two Truths + a Lie. Go.

I can only make male progeny. I was once on air talent for a news station. I once was a guest in Oprah’s Malibu home for 4 days [ we had breakfast daily ].

What Makes your Artwork Different from Others?

Being a professional comes from being proficient. In photography this means mastering the rules, and then learning how to break them. Reaching this point allowed me to start capturing images not just by placing the camera to my eye and pushing the button, but instead seeing light, lines, shadows, and highlights, and how I can use them to create something truly unique in that special moment.

More than simply wedding pictures.

It’s true; Vince is not just a wedding photographer; he is an integrated passionate storyteller. The wedding photographs he will capture for you and your loved ones are vehicles for true story. We’d highly encourage you to take a look at several of his favorite weddings he’s photographed on our wedding blog below.

Vince Creates Art for

Passionate People.

Vince is obviously not just a gifted person, but a premier wedding photographer. His portfolio below provides a sense of his general aesthetic sensibility and affinity for photography.  Can you see yourself in his imagery?

His artwork is custom; not run-of-the-mill, forced or rehearsed.  The images crafted for you and your beloved will bare his unique and refined palette.  More importantly, they will carry with them the ever unique and irreplaceable story that is unique to you and your partner.

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