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The // Courthouse

[ Your wedding // Our experience ]

A classic & iconic wedding venue in Cleveland,

The Courthouse is architected refinement .

Ensure your visuals are as luxe as the venue.

Are you having your wedding reception at The Courthouse, or considering it as your wedding reception venue? In either-case, we might be your visual soulmate. Haven’t heard the term? Neither have we [ freshly coined right here; right now 🤣 ] Regardless; we have a deep love for the venue as well, and a plethora of experience as wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers at this civic wedding venue.

Other than crashing a wedding at The Old Courthouse [ we don’t recommend it; security is tight these days 🚔 ] this might be one of the best places on the good ol’ internet to find inspiration and information for your wedding photography at The Old Courthouse. Scroll below to see visuals and read more about our wedding experience at this highly acclaimed wedding venue in Cleveland.

A Quick Rundown on Weddings at The Old Courthouse

  • Upstairs /  Separated Cocktail Hour🍸
  • Fairytale wedding vibes 😍
  • Quick walk to the Hilton 😴
  • An affordable option for a classy AF wedding

Blah. Blah. Blah. Words. Words.

We know you want more Visuals.

See Our Favorite Old Courthouse

Wedding Photographs Below.

Old Courthouse Cleveland Reception Venue

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Old Courthouse Cleveland

Old Courthouse Cleveland Indian Wedding

Wedding Reception Old Courthouse Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Photography Old Courthouse

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding Venue

Old Courthouse Wedding Cleveland

Cleveland Wedding Photographer Old Courthouse

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding

Old Courthouse Cleveland Reception Decor

Cleveland Wedding Venue Old Courthouse

Old Courthouse Cleveland Wedding Photography

Have you photographed / Filmed Weddings Here?

Yes; yes, and yes!  We have photographed and filmed more weddings at The Old Courthouse than we can count on two hands [ even if we were born with extra fingers ].  We’re incredibly familiar with the venue and know how to photograph and film it perfectly.

Whether it’s a lavish Indian wedding reception at the courthouse in Cleveland, or a black-tie and classic wedding at the Courthouse, we have extensive experience at the courthouse.

Wedding pictures near the venue?

There are so many great wedding photography locations near The Old Courthouse. If you select us as your wedding photographer / wedding filmmaker we’ll gladly help you plan out custom wedding photography locations.

But in the mean time here is a short list

  • The Courthouse interiors [ the staircase + multiple interior motifs ]
  • Courthouse Exterior [ stairs and sides of the venue ]
  • The Outdoor Public Mall /  Green space East of the Courthouse

How many wedding guests?

The Old Courthouse can comfortably accommodate wedding guest counts over 400 people.

Where will my guests stay?

After a wedding reception at The Old Courthouse, your guests might want a comfy bed to recover from the party in 🥃+🍸=🥴

Accommodations can easily be found at any of the following nearby hotels

What's the Catering Sitch?

You may choose from any wedding reception caterer for your wedding reception at The Old Courthouse; but here are a few you might consider:

Wedding Ceremonies at The Old Courthouse

Not only can you host your wedding reception at The Old Courthouse, but you can have your wedding ceremony in the downstairs rotunda.

Most often we see cocktail hour happening upstairs, while guests are enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, the catering / event staff is preparing  your wedding reception at the Courthouse in Cleveland below.

We are not only experienced photographers at The Old Courthouse, but also creative storytellers with our wedding films.

Yes, we love photographing weddings at The Old Courthouse; but that joy is only matched with our ❤️ for making elevated craft films at the wedding venue. See a favorite [ or two ] below.

More than simply wedding pictures.

It’s true; we’re not simply wedding photographers; we are integrated passionate storytellers. The wedding photographs we capture at The Old Courthouse are vehicles for true story. We’d highly encourage you to take a look at several of our favorite weddings we’ve photographed at The Old Courthouse on our wedding blog below.

Like your mom always said; you are only as good as the company you keep.

The adage proves true; but in your case it applies to your wedding vendors. The careful selection of your wedding vendors for your wedding reception in Cleveland is nearly as important as not tripping when walking down the aisle. In our experience as Cleveland Wedding Photographers, we’ve found ourselves working consistently with the following top tier cleveland wedding vendors.

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